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Jan 11

First Day Back

Posted on January 11, 2016 at 3:26 PM by Christina Stuck

Hello, everyone! Today was the first day back for the Sherman Public Library's Winter 2016 Story Times. We are proud to offer something for every age. This morning we had our littlest young ones at Baby & Me, for babies birth to about 18 months. This afternoon, we have our early elementary aged program, Young Readers, and tomorrow we resume our beloved Read to Win Story Times for children 18 months-5 years old.
While cleaning up the play toys for the babies, I reexamined one. In fact, it is a homemade toy, inspired from some pin off of Pinterest. I sometimes think these toys are least desired by kids because they do not have many whistles, but this toy is one of our babies’ favorite! And, all it is is an up-cycled sour cream container. I cut a hole in the top and filled it with loose pompoms, pipe cleaners, and clothespins.


The babies love touching the objects. They get some tactile satisfaction doing this. Of course, you should be with them. You don't want them trying to eat the pompoms (the ones I use are giant, but still); however, even more so, what you do want is to talk and play with them.

Yes, the feeling will simulate their brains and yes, attempting to hold and perhaps drop the objects through the holes will help their pincher skills. But, equally important is you being there with them, talking about the objects, using words to describe everyday things. This simple act will help your children advance in vocabulary, all the while being fun.

Best of all, this activity can be easily and cheaply done at home!

I hope you can come to our story times! If not, then please check back for more fun tips and tidbits we do during story time so you can do so at home.