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Dec 16


Posted on December 16, 2015 at 11:28 AM by Christina Stuck

Beginning in January 2016, regular posts will be published here to help you as parents, caregivers, and teachers develop a love of reading and of learning within the children around you.

Most of the posts will be based upon the three story times the Sherman Public Library does. These will include some of the songs, books, rhymes, and activities we did during the story times. Additional activities you can do at home will also be discussed. The best type of learning occurs in the home and we hope you continue there. 

Links and web sites will also be highlighted as well as simple ways to incorporate literacy in your everyday life. New books and videos from favorite children's authors, illustrators, and artists will be trumpeted, too.

For reminders when we post, please follow the Friends of the Sherman Public Library's Twitter account.