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Jan 17

Read. Repeat.

Posted on January 17, 2017 at 4:15 PM by Christina Stuck

One-on-one reading times should be a sweet time between your little one and you. But what if she only wants the same book? And she wants to hear it over and over again? While this may leave you wanting to rip your hair out, this is a normal desire for children. Young kids tend to fixate on a particular object and books are no different. So don't worry. Your child is completely normal.

Rereading the same story over and over again helps your child not only enjoy it more, but also to memorize it. He may perhaps retell it much to your amusement. This memorizing will also be helpful when he begins to learn to read. Your child will have heard those words repeated so many times that when he tries to decode the words in his favorite book, he will know! Success!

So, this may be well and good for the child but what about you as the reader? Even though just knowing it is beneficial to reread, doing it can be tiresome. Especially, if it is a children's book. Here are a few tips to get through those rereadings:

1. Change up your voice. Use intonations. Give different characters different accents. It will keep you on your toes trying to keep everyone's voices straight!
2. Interact with the book. Ask "what" questions about the story while you read. These questions can be from the pictures or from the actual storyline. Make sure to wait 5-12 seconds so your child has time to think about a response. You can also try to discuss the moral or bigger meaning of the story, if there is one. Remember to point out characters' facial responses and see if your kid can make the same faces.
3. Make sure to introduce books you like. While you should allow your child to form her own likes, even if they different from your own, sometimes if introduce a book you enjoy, your little one will want to hear it again and again.
4. See if the listener will help tell the story using the pictures. It is always worth trying!