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Nov 29

Sweets Story Time

Posted on November 29, 2016 at 5:46 PM by Christina Stuck

This week our story time is all about sweets. It is an apt story time theme as we just had Thanksgiving and the weeks of holidays are upon us!

I always enjoy asking my kids what kind of "something" they like, or can name. Today, I asked what were their favorite sweets/deserts. My kids responded very happily, I guess because they like sweets! Ha-ha. But, this open-ended question-answer time is one way to help build your child's narrative skill, that is, his ability to describe or discuss something.

You can do this with any book. Today we read Woodpecker Wants a Waffle by Steve Breen. A determined Woodpecker named Benny decides he is going to try a waffle. I stopped before I read the book to ask about the cover and stopped many times during the reading to ask questions. I always waited for the kids to answer. Sometimes, I supplied words or pointed out things as I further described what the kids may have brought out.

For instance, in one page Benny tries to get into a diner by hiding on a woman's dress, pretending to be one of the silkscreened pigeons. I stopped and asked where he was and one girl pointed it out. I agreed that she found him and went on to explain where he was hiding.

By taking timeouts during a reading and asking your child questions about the text or pictures, you're helping your child learn how to respond and discuss sequence of events, feelings, colors, and anything. Don't feel bad if you stop the flow of the story to do this! Your kid probably has something he may want to say.