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Sep 14


Posted on September 14, 2016 at 9:42 AM by Christina Stuck

I am so glad that after a little respite we are back to doing our story times. We have one for all ages: babies, toddlers and preschoolers, and even for elementary-aged kiddos. It's a great joy to share time with the families that attend the programs, but I want to make sure if yours doesn't, that y'all still have something your family can do together.

Yesterday during our "Young Readers" story time, we made bird feeders. I used a basic recipe to make them: 2 parts dry to 1 part liquid. The dry can be a mixture of bird seeds, dried fruit, and other bird-friendly foods. The liquid is actually melt lard. For some, it stinks! So, just FYI if smells bother you.
You just mix the two together. Cut a hole in the bottom of a yogurt, Dixie, or other cup. Thread through it with heavy duty string or jute. The thread through the bottom hole will be an inch or so. Then, spoon the mixture into a container. .

Your child can do the mixing and filling up to help him or her work with coordination. Place the bird feeders in the refrigerator to set over night. Then peel or cut the now suet-like bird feeder free from its mold. Tie the bottom part of the string in a knot and then tie the top part to a tree where your child can see the birds that feast on it.

To add a literary element, you can always show them how to spell/write the birds' names.

This idea and recipe come from Growing Family:   

*FOOTNOTE: Unless you have a suet holder or have a fasciation with insects, you might want to wait on putting these birdfeeders out. I learned the hard way that it's still too warm to put these guys up. Ours fell and ants began to get them! Oops. But, my son and I still had a fun time putting them out. ;)