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Jul 08

At the Beach

Posted on July 8, 2016 at 3:39 PM by Christina Stuck

For the past few weeks during story time, we have talked about animals in the ocean and about the beach. Soon, we will discuss boats and pirates. There are so many wonderful and exciting things about our world that happens in and around the ocean!

Sometimes it helps to prepare your children for visiting new places. If your child hasn't been to the beach before, then it may behoove you to share about the beach. Here is the prefect song! It goes to the tune of "When the Saints Go Marching," so it is very jaunty (song taken from More Simply Super Storytimes by Marie Castellano Boyum).
"We're at the Beach"
We're on the beach.
We're on the beach.
We're on the beach and the sand's very hot!
How would your feet react
To the sand on the hot beach?

We're in the water.
We're in the water.
We're in the cold, wet water.
How would you react in the water
When it feels icy cold?

We're in the sun.
We're in the sun.
We're in the warm sun on the beach.
How would you feel on the beach
In the warm, bright sunshine?

You can of course substitute for other things. For instance, "We're under water. We're under water. We're under the salty water. How would you react if that salty water touched your mouth?" Be silly! Even invite your little ones to make up things after talking about the beach.

Hopefully everyone can enjoy the beach this summer!