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Jun 09

I already have books at home...

Posted on June 9, 2016 at 2:05 PM by Christina Stuck

I have met people who do not check out library books. They have lots of books at home. They may even use the library for programming, but do not peruse the books. Some even prefer to just buy brand new books. Turns out library book sales and thrift shops are wonderful places to purchase slightly used but still good books.

Silently, these past few weeks I have been this type of person. I have accrued tons of books for my son over the past 3 years. He still loves to read baby books. He has particular stories he likes to hear again and again. Repetition is wonderful for children!

So I didn't feel like picking new books out for him. Honestly, I'd rather him pick his own books when we go to the library together. But, he only wants Avenger easy readers. The. Same. Ones.

Of course, we let him take those and of course we read them to him to the point of memorizing the text. But, I started to wonder, maybe I should just pick some titles out and try them out on him? I mean, can I help him become a broad reader by simply introducing different titles? Will he listen to me even though Hulk isn't in it?

Turns out yes! Felix Stands Tall and Max's Dragon Shirt (both by Rosemary Wells) went down very well with Theo. Even The Princess in Black by Shannon & Dean Hale was a huge hit! That is the beauty of young children. Even though they all have their favorites, we can always introduce new subjects and stories to them. The library is the perfect place to introduce new books and stories and adventures and pictures to them. If they don't like, then no harm. But, at least, we can try to expose our children to different things. Haha, it's almost like food!