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Jun 02

Summer Activities

Posted on June 2, 2016 at 1:25 PM by Christina Stuck

I am so sorry I have not posted anything for the past month. With Summer Reading Club beginning today, I have been busy getting all things ready. Story times will resume on Saturday and we have a lot of fun activities to do during story time this summer.

I also wanted to encourage you to sign up your little ones for the Summer Reading Club. We have a prereaders program which is perfect for all of our little ones who haven't mastered reading yet. It is also super parent friendly. Simply sign up here at the library and your child gets to pick out a book for him or her to keep. You also get an activity log. There are 16 possible activities to do, but your child and you only have to do 10 in order to "complete" the log. Once the log is completed, the child gets another book and an additional log. 5 logs can be completed to get free books. 

If you and your child do at least one activity a week, then he or she will get an age appropriate toy. Stop by weekly! 

Hopefully we will see you at story time or just drop in for a visit and sign up. The long days of summer are filled with small times to help our little ones bud into readers in their own time.