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Apr 25


Posted on April 25, 2016 at 11:13 AM by Christina Stuck

This week in story time land we are celebrating insects. It's a perfect time to point out and even distinguish the differences between bugs of Texas. I have had the pleasure of pointing out to my son the bugs my car squashes as I drive Highways 56 and 377 daily. Or, we go look for ladybugs and listen to the crickets.

Here is a fun a song I am not able to squeeze into story time. I got it from my co-worker.

"Insect Song"
(tune of "Three Blind Mice")
Buzz, buzz, buzz. Bumblebees buzz.
Buzz over here. Buzz over there.
They buzz up high and they buzz down low.
Around and around and around they go.
They buzz-buzz fast and they buzz-buzz slow.
Oh, bumblebees buzz!
Oh, bumblebees buzz!

Additional verses:
Hop, hop, hop. Grasshoppers hop
Flit, flit, flit. Butterflies flutter
Fly, fly, fly. Ladybugs fly