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Mar 28

Learning to Communicate 2

Posted on March 28, 2016 at 10:54 AM by Christina Stuck

As I promised, today I will post some tips for our older prereaders. Every Child Ready to Read is an organization that promotes early literacy through five easy activities that every parent or caregiver can do with his or her child(ren). Ellen Galinsky would definitely approve as her research supports these five activities. They are:


By doing these little activities with your child will definitely help him or her become a better communicator as the child ages (not just a reader!).

In fact, you could do all five together. What does that look like? Pick a favorite book of your child's. Read it. But, while you read it, you can ask him or her questions about the book, the pictures, the action; you can talk about who was mean to whom and how that felt, etc. You can sing a part of it for drama/interest, or think of a nursery rhyme that relates to the story. You can play-act the story. You can also ask your child what does he or she remember from the story and write the words he or she says.

You don't have to make a mental note of doing all five every time, every day. You want to have fun reading, talking, and playing with your child. But by building these simple habits, your child will learn more about communicating because you are communicating with them.

The possibilities are endless when you use books as a way to teach communication skills to your child. But, Galinsky mentions the dinner table and bedtime as other avenues to help build your child's communication skills. One parent had the experience of realizing one of her children did not talk at the table. She started to try to engage him in the conversation at the table. Another parent used bedtime to sing together.

Here's to a fun day!