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Mar 12

What's That?

Posted on March 12, 2016 at 8:56 AM by Christina Stuck

A few weeks ago during story time, I had the kids test their sense of smell. I had a few cups filled with clear liquids and then had the kids come up and sniff (albeit, the best they could as these were mostly preschoolers!) the liquid to determine if they liked the scent or not.

This activity can be done merely to magnify how they can use their sense of taste. You can take it a step further. You can use it to explain how there isn't just one way to explore an item. 

When we see liquid we mostly think the only way to know what it is is by tasting it. This assumption is not always the case. We could listen to the liquid. We can sniff it. We could slosh it around. Basically, a child can use more than one sense to safely explore his or her world. And, by doing this super simple activity, you are helping them become detailed "scientists."