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Feb 16

I Spy

Posted on February 16, 2016 at 12:27 PM by Christina Stuck

"I spy with my little eye..."

Who hasn't play this simple game? You can play this game at a drop of a hat to distract your kids from melt downs or boredom. But, it is also a way to practice the knowledge of colors, names of items, and locations.

Watching the clouds is another way to play this game. How? By finding a cloud that looks like something and asking your children if they can spot the cloud that looks like a, say, lion. If they can't, then help them find it. If they say it looks like something, then hear them out because there is always another way of looking at things. A perfect book to illustrate this idea is Duck! Rabbit! by Amy Krause Rosenthal & Tom Litchenheld.

Today during story time, I did a flannel activity based on the classic book It Looked Like Spilt Milk by Charles Shaw (idea courtesy of Storytime Katie). It reminded me a lot of how clouds look like other things, although the book of course is based on spilt milk. I love how each object can actually look differently to certain people. I was happy a few children thought, like me, that the birthday cake looked like a boat! What do you think it looks like?


Allowing your child the freedom to imagine helps to mold his or her creativity. So, play "I Spy" and see if they can locate the object. If they say it's something else, then have a discussion about why. Those conversations are always fun.