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Feb 10

Finger Plays

Posted on February 10, 2016 at 11:44 AM by Christina Stuck

Today during our story time on "The Sense of Hearing", we learned the sign language for "Mary Had a Little Lamb" and danced with scarves. Both activities were fun and engaging...and exercised our fingers.

Have you ever heard of that? Or, why it's important to exercise our fingers? By doing simple finger plays or grasping a scarf, your child is strengthening the muscles that will help him or her write. Of course we all know how important writing is, but today we also learned how hands are used to do something else important.
We learned that people who are deaf communicate using sign language. To use sign language, one has to use the muscles of the hand. Keep using those finger plays you know by heart or check out simple sign language items we have:
  • Annie Kubler has simple nursery rhyme board books
  • We have English and Spanish sign language books in the Spanish non-fiction section under 419.7 
  • Dawn B. Prochovnic has a series in the Preschool section (EP)
  • There are a number of kid friendly DVDs on sign language

You never know when your child (or you!) may need to communicate with a deaf person.