2014 Officer / Civilian Awards

1st Quarter
Officer of the 1st Quarter - Sgt. John Kennemer, Patrol Division
Civilian of the 1st Quarter - Joanna Curry, Court and Property & Evidence Supervisor

2nd Quarter
Officer of the 2nd Quarter - Officer Allen Adams, Patrol Division
Civilian of the 2nd Quarter - Leland Booher, Dispatcher

3rd Quarter
Officer of the 3rd Quarter - Officer Kaleb Edwards, Patrol Division
Civilian of the 3rd Quarter - Janis Fletcher, Court Clerk 
4th Quarter
Officer of the 4th Quarter - Detective Rob Ballew, Criminal Investigation Division
Civilian of the 4th Quarter - Laura Barajas, Parking Enforcement Attendant
 Officer of the Year 2014
Officer Kaleb Edwards was awarded the Officer of the Year for 2014. Throughout the year, Officer Edwards distinguished himself through compassion, teamwork, and dedication to his profession.  His compassion was demonstrated when he rented a hotel room for a mother and her three children out of his own pocket ensuring they would have a safe place to stay. His teamwork was demonstrated when he worked ten straight days without complaint or hesitation to ensure proper patrol staffing levels and security detail requirements were met.  His dedication was demonstrated by the numerous "letters of appreciation" he received from local business owners for security checks and the number of potentially violent offenders he removed from the streets, ultimately
making the citizens of Sherman safer.
 Officer Kaleb Edwards
 Civilian of the Year 2014
Laura Barajas, Parking Enforcement Attendant, was awarded the Civilian of the Year for 2014.  Laura maintained a high level of professionalism and maturity in dealing with citizens and the difficulties associated with her various responsibilities.  She has been meticulous in her work and admirably performed her extra duties and
responsibilities. She continued to be an asset to this agency and to the community. Her devotion to this Department and to this community has proven to be a continuous commitment.
 Laura Barajas