Ride Along Program

The "Ride-Along" Program is a program for interested citizens to observe the operations of the patrol function of the Sherman Police Department in order to facilitate mutual understanding and communication.

The "Ride-Along" Program is not designed for the entertainment or diversion of either citizens or officers.

Due to staffing issues, your scheduled "Ride-Along" may be canceled or postponed. Sufficient notice will be given, when possible.

You must be aware that the nature of a Police Officer's duty is sometimes dangerous and at times involves tense situations. The Officer's duty hours and activities are controlled by policy, procedures, and regulations. In the event that any of the guidelines are not obeyed, your "Ride-Along" privilege will be terminated and any further requests to ride in the future will automatically be denied.

To start your request, please read the Guidelines and download the Waiver of Liability.

Complete the top portion of the Waiver and bring to the Record's Office at the Sherman Police Department along with a state-issued ID. You will sign the form at that time and have it witnessed by a member of the Department.

A criminal history and driver's license check will be conducted. No person with a criminal history, extensive driver's license history, or under indictment or investigation for any crime above a Class A misdemeanor will be allowed to ride.

You will be contacted by phone as to whether or not you have been approved for the "Ride-Along".

If approved, the Police Department welcomes you and sincerely hopes this will be a rewarding experience.