Library Card Information

Applying for / Replacing a CardCollage
Any resident of Texas may apply for a library card. Cards are issued for one year and are renewable. There is no charge for Texas residents. If a card is lost, there is a $1 replacement fee. Replacement cards cannot be issued until any outstanding charges are paid to all Bibliographic Association of the Red River (BARR) libraries. Out-of-state residents may obtain a borrower's card for $40 per year. To obtain a card, adult patrons must present:
  • A valid driver's license or government photo ID
  • Proof of current address if the driver's license address is incorrect
  • Their social security number
Phone Numbers
Message numbers will not be accepted as home phone numbers. Patrons must have a working phone in order to receive interlibrary loans or to rent audio / visual media.

Register Your Child
Children under 18 years of age must be registered by a parent or legal guardian. The parent / guardian must provide us with a valid driver's license with a correct address or provide proof of correct address and the child's social security card number. They must pay any amount owed on their own card and return all overdue items before obtaining a child's card. Once the applicant becomes 18, he/she will need to complete a new application card, and update it to adult status. There is no charge for this service.