As general aviation expands away from the crowded skies over the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Sherman Municipal Airport (KSWI) provides a friendly general aviation airport located on the southeast edge of Sherman, Texas, only minutes from downtown. 

Pilots have access to the facilities in the terminal building after hours through use of a simplex lock on the ramp side door. The combination is the national aircraft emergency frequency. Telephone, local / 800 / calling card, television and restroom facilities are available.


Check out our low fuel prices: $4.70 per gallon (as of February 19, 2024). Fuel is self-service; and an automated credit card system allows access to fuel after hours.

Near The Airport

As the City of Sherman has expanded, Sherman Municipal Airport is strategically located near the center of the city - just minutes from the downtown business district, Austin College and the core of local, state and federal government offices in Sherman. The airport is also close to the intersection of US Highway 75 and FM 1417, near local industries and companies in Blalock Industrial Park. Sherman Municipal Airport serves as the southern gateway to the Texoma region, close to shopping, restaurants, hotels / motels, golf courses, and beautiful Lake Texoma.

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Sherman Airport Master Plan

In 2019, The City contracted with Corgan to prepare a Master Plan to address the needs of the community and provide a program for realistic development.  The Plan identifies improvements required to accommodate future demand and provides land use recommendations required to protect the airport and its environs.

Airport Ordinance

The Airport is governed by the City of Sherman Aviation Ordinance.