Criminal Investigations

2019 - CID
Criminal Investigations Division (CID)

The Operations Bureau Commander for CID commands this division. This division consists of Investigations, Narcotics, and Criminal Intelligence units and is supervised by one Lieutenant and two Sergeants.


Primary responsibility is to investigate all juvenile and felony criminal offenses, apprehend offenders, recover stolen property, and seek prosecution. The division is supervised by a Sergeant and has eight Investigators assigned to it.


The Narcotics Unit, which is comprised of one Sergeant and two Investigators, is responsible for initiation and follow-up investigations of cases involving illegal or suspected illegal use of narcotics or controlled substances.


The criminalist is a trained civilian that responds to and processes crime scenes. The criminalist is responsible for the processing of crime scenes for evidence and is trained in videography, photography, fingerprint classification and comparison, shooting reconstruction, and blood spatter analysis. 

Crime Analyst

The crime analyst is responsible for the collection, analysis, and dissemination of crime trends. The analyst works closely with patrol officers and detectives to formulate proactive methods to eliminate the recognized trends.

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