Community Development Block Grant (CDGB)

Community Needs Survey
The Community Needs Survey is part of the Consolidated Plan development and Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing and is undertaken to gauge what he community thinks is important when allocation public grant funds under the Community Development Block Grant.

Mission Statement

The City of Sherman, as an entitlement city, receives Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The CDBG program is expected to be administered by the City of Sherman through entitlement allocations each year. These are the only current federal funds the City of Sherman receives to operate its various programs, such as owner-occupied housing rehabilitation, home ownership closing-cost assistance and various other activities offered, that provide direct benefits to the low- and moderate-income households and persons within the jurisdiction.

Strategic Plan
The primary objective of our program is to provide opportunities for persons of low- to moderate-income to improve their living environments. We will approach this through assisting our citizens to:
  • Attain or maintain decent housing
  • Improve the safety and livability of their neighborhoods
  • Promote local job creation / retention efforts and self-sufficiency programs

Affordability for the Purpose of Providing Decent Housing
  • Expand the supply of decent, safe and affordable housing through the rehabilitation of residential property
  • To improve the safety and livability of neighborhoods
  • To preserve the life expectancy of the home and the overall revitalization of the neighborhoods
Sustainability for the Purpose of Creating Suitable Living Environment
  • Provide demolition of dilapidated property to prevent and eliminate slum and blight - The clearance of these lots not only addresses the problem of slum and blight, but provides vacant lots that can be utilized for new homes to help revitalize neighborhoods
Availability / Accessibility for the Purpose of Creating Suitable Living Environments
  • Improve the quality of life for the low- to moderate-income Sherman residents by providing assistance for a range of services from aid in crisis situations (such as victim assistance and homeless shelters) to crime prevention in the public housing areas of the city
  • To provide Sherman youth the opportunity to participate in organized activities that would be otherwise unattainable