Master Plan

Comprehensive Plan

The City of Sherman 2009 Comprehensive Plan was prepared to address issues of existing land use, planned land use, the thoroughfare system, and population and demographics. The US Census Bureau 2010 Demographic Profile for the City of Sherman. The document contains a thorough analysis of each of these areas. The Plan contains sections on:
  • Existing Land Use
  • Factors Influencing Development
  • Land Use Plan
  • Population and Demographics
  • Thoroughfare System

Viewing Locations

The Comprehensive Plan is customarily updated every 10 years. The 2009 plan is the most recent version. The Master Plan is available for viewing at the following city offices, located in Sherman City Hall at 220 W. Mulberry: city clerk’s office and engineering department. The electronic version of the complete document is available below. Due to size constraints, it has been broken into smaller components.