The City of Sherman has contracted with Grayson County to provide emergency notification and weather warning services through CodeRED. CodeRED is a high-speed notification system that allows us to send messages to thousands of citizens in minutes. The CodeRED system will launch messages to all or targeted areas within the city and surrounding areas.


CodeRED is a geographically based system where street addresses are needed to determine telephone numbers. Public databases have been used to collect telephone numbers for homes and businesses. Sometimes public databases contain outdated information. Do not assume your telephone number is included in the CodeRED database. Every individual and business should register.

Notification System
The CodeRED Notification System is launched by city or county Emergency Management officials. It can be used to notify citizens of missing persons, water contamination, utility outages, evacuation notices, fires, floods, a bomb threat, gas leak or any emergency incident.

Weather Warning System
The CodeRED Weather Warning System is a feature that will automatically call you when a severe weather warning has been issued by the National Weather Service for your area.

Additional Information

To register for the CodeRED Notification System and CodeRED Weather Warning System visit the CodeRED for Grayson County Residents.