Outdoor Warning Siren System

Testing Schedule
To ensure all systems are operating properly, The City of Sherman Outdoor Warning Siren System will be tested on the first Wednesday of every month at 9:00 am. These tests will only be conducted if no emergency or threatening weather exists at the time.

Early Warning System
The City of Sherman’s Early Warning System shall be operated to notify the citizens of Sherman of imminent conditions that may be dangerous to life and or property. These situations include: severe weather conditions such as tornado, flooding, severe winter weather; hazardous material incidents such as highway or railroad accidents or commercial operations incidents; and civil disorders which may be dangerous to life and or property.

Outdoor Warning Siren System
The Outdoor Warning System for the City of Sherman is comprised of 19 sirens located throughout the city. They are designed to warn those who are outside or in close proximity to a siren. The sirens may not always be audible inside homes or office buildings with a high noise level. The sirens are activated from the Emergency Operations Center, which is located in the basement of the Sherman Police Department.

What to do When You Hear the Sirens
Should you hear the sirens activate on a day other than the regular scheduled test day and time, take immediate shelter and emergency precautions. It is strongly recommended that residents designate a shelter area for their home in advance and practice going to that area as a family. Employers should designate a shelter area and make sure employees are informed. You should practice by holding tornado drills to make sure everyone knows where to go.

Note: Do not call 911 or any other police phone line in an attempt to ascertain why the sirens are sounding. This may cause you to lose valuable time in the event of an actual emergency. Tuning to the local TV or radio stations should provide adequate information as to the reason the sirens are being activated. Only call 911 if you are reporting a life threatening situation or hazardous condition.

Additional Information
The City of Sherman does not provide public storm shelters. We encourage people to have and practice a plan for severe weather. If a storm approaches you should not be in your vehicle trying to find shelter or trying to outrun a storm. For more information on the Outdoor Warning Siren System, call the Sherman Office of Emergency Management at 903-892-7263.