Zoning Information and Map

Planned Development DistrictZoning Code

The Zoning Code is an ordinance adopted by the City Council which regulates the use and development of land in the city. The Zoning Code divides the city into "districts" and specifies the land uses authorized within each district, as well as the specific development standards (i.e. minimum lot, building and site requirements, etc.), that apply to each district. A description of each district and permitted uses may be found on the Franklin Legal website.

The City of Sherman is divided into the following zoning districts:

Zoning Map

The Zoning Map is updated after a zone change is approved by the City Council. The city will make every attempt to provide the most current information possible, however if you are uncertain if a specific property has undergone a recent zoning change, please contact the Planning and Zoning Department at 903-892-7229 for the most current information.