Animal Control Advisory Committee

The Animal Control Advisory Committee exists by the authority of the City of Sherman City Council.

Purpose - The Committee is a citizen's committee to the City Council, created to assist the City in communicating awareness to the citizens of Sherman regarding the services, procedures, and compliance with state regulations concerning the operation of animal shelters and coordinating review of programs and services to make recommendations for improvements in those programs and services to better serve the community.

Function - The Committee shall assist in the development of the Animal Services mission and policies, review and recommend long-range planning and budgeting for Animal Services, provide research, guidance, advice, sponsor reports and contribute information relevant to Animal Services program development, policies and procedures, and serve as liaisons to the community, increasing support and awareness of Animal Services and assisting in the resolution of citizen concerns, issues, and grievances.

The Committee shall be comprised of eight (8) members appointed by the City Council as follows:
    one (1) licensed veterinarian;
    one (1) municipal official;
    one (1) person whose duties include the daily operation of an animal shelter and serves as the City of Sherman Animal Services Supervisor;
    one (1) representative from an animal welfare organization; and 
    four (4) people who reside in the City limits.

The Committee will meet routinely based upon an adopted quarterly meeting schedule.  Special meetings may also be called.

2021 Quarterly Meeting Schedule
   February 10, 2021
   April 14, 2021
   August 11, 2021
   October 13, 2021

    January 7, 2021        AgendaMinutes 
    January 20, 2021     Agenda