Harmony Music Park

Rainbow xylophone

Come visit Harmony Park, right next to the library! We have some fun, kid-friendly instruments in the park already, as well as a gazebo and benches. We hope to soon have plenty of plants in the park. All of this has been a combined effort to create a place to play, relax, and learn.

Many thanks to:

  • The City of Sherman for providing the main funding for the pavilion and instruments
  • The Friends of the Sherman Public Library for purchasing benches and trash cans for the park
  • The Grayson County Ag Extension Office and Grayson County Master Gardeners, both of whom have been instrumental in advising and planning

The Grayson County Ag Extension office and the Grayson County Master Gardeners have been involved in advising and planning. These groups will be educating city staff and the public, as to what grows the best in this area, times of year, and how to best care for plants.  

Gardening Tips from Grayson County Master Gardeners


To-Do List

Native Plant
Showy Milkweed Opens in new windowShowy Milkweed

Fertilize: Vegetable and annual beds, container plants, roses

Prune: Pinch back asters and

chrysanthemums, shape spring-flowering shrubs

Seed: Okra, black-eyed pea, corn, squash, pumpkin, sweet potato, peanuts, eggplant, annual flowers

Transplant: Grass sod, copper plant, globe amaranth, ross moss, vinca, zinnia, day lily, caladium elephant ear
Mississippi Kite Opens in new windowMississippi Kite

Monarch Butterfly Opens in new windowMonarch
Kale Opens in new windowKale


To-Do List

Native Plant
Greggi Salvia Opens in new windowGreggi Salvia

Fertilize:  Trees and shrubs, Lawn grass

Prune: Wisteria, forsythia, Quince

Seed: Cosmos, okra, black-eyed pea, corn, squash, pumpkins, sweet potato, peanut

Transplant: Hot-weather annuals and perennials
Northern Cardinal Opens in new windowNorthern Cardinal

Southern Dogface Opens in new windowSouthern Dogface
Lettuce Opens in new windowLettuce