Medicare & Medicaid Presentations


You are getting a new Medicare card! Social Security numbers will be removed from the cards and everyone will receive a new card between April 2018 and April 2019. This will help keep your information secure and help protect your identity. Claudia Garcia, BCBSTX, will be here to discuss what you need to do to be sure you receive your new card and also guard against fraud. Register in the Center office by Wednesday, March 14, to attend.


Are you or someone you know close to signing up for Medicare coverage? There are lots of different plans to choose from and you want to be as well informed as possible before choosing one. If you have questions or need information, this program is for you. A.J. Sheek, licensed insurance broker, will be here to give you information on all the different types of Medicare options to choose from. NO SALES OR SIGNUPS HERE, STRICTLY INFORMATIONAL. Register in the Center office by Wednesday, March 21, to attend.

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