Sales Tax

Percentage Breakdown
Sales tax in the City of Sherman is 8.25%. The city's portion of that is 2% and the portion collected and retained by the State of Texas is 6.25%.
City Portion of the Sales Tax Rate
Percent What that Percentage Goes To
1.000% Used for general operating purposes
0.375% Used for the Sherman Economic Development Corporation (SEDCO). the city's 4A economic development corporation approved in May 1996)
0.500% Used in lieu of property tax (half of this rate began in 1996 and the other half in October 2008)
0.125% Used for street maintenance (expires March 31, 2016, unless the tax is renewed by voter approval)
2.000% Total city portion of the tax rate

The following chart shows the increasing sales tax collection and the effect of the increase in the rate for 2009.